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by CompetitionsAustralia on April 16, 2011

Online competitions can be a great way to increase your income and also get free merchandises. Most of the time, participating in online competitions will not require you to purchase or pay anything. Moreover, since there are many online competitions, you have higher chances of winning. Luck plays a big part in winning. However, if you play strategically, you will increase your chances of winning. The following tips will help you:

1. Entering many competitions will increase your chances of winning. Search online for competitions that you are eligible to participate in. Most competitions will only require you to submit your name or vote for you to be considered. This will not take up much of your time.

2. Look for less popular online competitions. These are the competitions you will not find advertised in the major competition listing websites. Most of them are advertised through forums and blogs of the competition sponsors.

Join forums and blogs of different organizations and sign up for their online newsletters. This will help you know when new competitions are announced.

3. Check for competitions that are offering multiple prizes or are choosing many winners. The more the winners, the grater your odds of winnings. Read the competition information to know how many winners will be chosen.

4. Check the competition rules and guidelines. Read the requirements details. Some competitions are only valid to residents of certain states. Some may require you to be a member of particular organization. Check the guidelines before you enter.

5. Provide your real details when you are entering a competition. These include your names, residential address, email and telephone numbers. You will have to provide proof of identity in case you win.

If the winners will be notified via email or phone, make sure you provide an email that you always check. Also, make sure you are reachable on the phone number you have provided.

6. Use a different email address for competitions. When you participate in most online competitions, you also agree to receive periodic promotional emails from the competition sponsors and partners. These emails may clutter your account.

You can easily manage the emails if you have an alternate email address for participating in online competitions. Keep checking the emails regularly for notifications about competition deadlines and announcements of winners.

7. If you are always participating in Australian online competition, you will realise filling your details is a repetitive task that can take time. To counter this, use a Web Form Filling Software. There are many commercial and free softwares you can use. Alternatively, you can turn the “Auto Complete” feature in your web browser. This will speed up the process of filling the forms.

8. Finally, track your competition entries. You can keep a sheet of the competitions you have entered and when winners are expected to be announced. This will ensure you do not miss on the winners’ announcements when they are made.

If announcements will be made online, check whether your entry has been chosen. Most of the time, you will be notified through email. Check your spam folder as some competition notifications may be caught by your spam filter.

There are many online competitions in Australia and if you want to manage your entries and also improve your odds of winning, the above tips will help you.

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