Tips to Entering Baby Competitions

by CompetitionsAustralia on April 17, 2011

Raising a baby can be a great experience especially for the first time mum. However, you will soon realise you have to cater for many baby supplies that you had not budgeted for. As a result, you may have to adjust your monthly budget to cater for the unforeseen expenses. In time, you will realise most baby supplies have competitions on their packaging or websites. Entering the competitions can get you free gifts or supplies of the baby products you need.

Finding Baby Competitions

Most baby competitions are advertised on the packaging of baby products. You can also find the competitions on baby, pregnancy and parental magazines. With many of these magazines available in Australia, it can be expensive to buy all of them to look for the competitions.

An easy and inexpensive way of finding baby competitions is to search on the Internet. Look at websites that list competitions by industry or those that specifically list baby competitions. You will also get information on ongoing baby competitions held by different companies.

After getting a number of competitions you would like to participate in, find out their eligibility requirements and competition rules. Do they require an essay or photograph? If they want a photograph of the baby, is there an age restriction? Are they looking for your experience with their product or suggestions?

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

With many baby competitions in Australia, you can get confused on which ones you should enter. With some competitions, you will get an entry for every product you buy from the company. If this is the case, do not concentrate a lot on them. Your baby expenses are already taking a toll on your budget and buying extra products will only increase the expenses.

A good strategy would be to enter competitions that require a bit of effort from the participants. These can include writing about how a baby product has helped you and your baby, a photography competition or a video competition. Most people are reluctant to enter such competitions that require them to do some work. Thus, the number of entries received is usually low and as a result, your odds of winning are higher.

You can also enter raffle competitions but the odds of winning are usually slim since many people participate.

Submitting A Winning Entry For A Baby Competition

If you are required to write about how a product has helped you or your baby, keep in mind that the manufacturers already know what the product can do. You may therefore have to research on what the product can be used for or how it can help. This will give you ideas to make your writing or essay more engaging and factual. Also, touch a little bit about the manufacturer of the product. Baby competition writing entries are not judged by professional writers. The manufacture can appoint an in-house team to judge the writings and your little acknowledgement of the company can go a long way in making you win.

If you are entering photography or video competitions, have a good camera to do the shooting. Most standard digital cameras and camcorders will work. Go through the competition concept note again before you start taking photographs or shooting. Try to understand what the competition sponsor is looking for. This will help you come up with a good photograph or video that will impress the sponsor.

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