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by CompetitionsAustralia on April 27, 2011

As greater numbers of Australian gain access to the Internet, it’s no big surprise that Australian online competitions are burgeoning as well. Competitions are great ways for businesses to promote their products or services and gain attention and awareness while giving something back to the community. In Australia, online competitions are running wild. And as they continue to grow exponentially both in size and in number, there seems to be no end to the direction the competition fever will grow.

Only a few short years ago, the vast majority of competitions in Australia were found mainly in shopping centres and magazines, attracting throngs of pen and paper wielding contestants in a completely non-digital environment. Online competitions were rare and misshapen. Today, however, the tables have turned. By far, the vast majority of today’s competitions occur in the digital world of cyberspace with online forms and pointing and clicking becoming the new covered jar from which the ecstatic winners are selected. As far as the contestants are concerned, this plot twist in the story of sweepstakes has both a good side and a bad side.

The digitizing of competitions has made things a lot simpler for their creators, promoters, and managers. Where a magazine sweepstakes or meat raffle took weeks or months to prepare and execute, an online competition can be designed and drafted in less than an hour with little to no planning. This is great news for the contestant because it means there are a lot more competitions available to be won. The more competitions available, the better the odds are that you might actually win one.

There is a dark side to this flexibility, however, and that is that as easy as it has become to create a competition, it has become even easier to enter into one. That means that the amount of contestants per contest has skyrocketed along with the amount of contests. The sheer amount of competition you face in each competition has created a monster of odds that is increasingly difficult to conquer.

Back in the good old days of paper and pen, entering a competition took time and thought. After filling the little card with all your personal details you had to then walk to a post office, buy a stamp, and actually physically mail your entry. Now all it takes is a few clicks of a keyboard, a click of the mouse, and you’re in.

Another factor is the amount of shady competitions competing with the good ones in the pool. Many so-called competitions define themselves as games of skill instead of actual competitions, and they therefore don’t need to apply for the usual state-sanctioned permits. Without the luxury of strict rules, many bad apples have sprung up.

In these pseudo or mediocre competitions, the promoters many times aren’t able to make sure that each contestant doesn’t enter himself hundreds or even thousands of times simply by refreshing the page over and over. One contestant with a thousand entries is entirely unfair to all the rest who just have one or two.

So here’s a word of advice from the pros. Take the time to get to know the competition a bit before entering it and only get involved with those that appear both legitimate and fair. And if you’re not interested in the prize offered, don’t bother to enter the competition!

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