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by CompetitionsAustralia on April 25, 2011

Who doesn’t wish they could win big in an online competition? Competing in online competitions is a great hobby that can be a lot of fun and cost very little, if anything at all. Amateur competition hobbyists are often curious about the ways to multiply the chances that they will finally win something. Even though half of the fun of competitions is the suspense and the thrill of the chase, eventually it’s also a lot of fun to get something out of all the effort you put in.

In order to multiply your chances of winning a prize, to start with, you have to enter the competition. It may sound obvious but if you haven’t entered, you can’t win anything. Once you put yourself out there and enter into a competition, your chances of winning shoot up from absolute zero and you find yourself in the game.

As any competition hobbyist will tell you, there are two major kinds of competitions – the non-discriminatory, completely random lottery type, and the skill-based game type. In the lottery type of online competition, in order to increase your chances of winning as much as possible it’s necessary to play the odds. This means finding as many competitions as you can and entering them all. Entering a vast swath of competitions, we admit, can get boring. And tiresome. And monotonous. We understand. But because of the nature of these lottery-type competitions, if you want to eventually win one, it’s essential that you sign up for a whole bunch first. Remember too that you probably won’t get immediate results right after entering your slew of competitions. Winners are usually drawn at the beginning of each new month so hold on to your hat, sit tight, and be patient.

Skill-based competitions require a bit more effort and, while they are less boring, they can be more difficult to win. Often they require some kind of intelligent and short answer to a complex question and, because this requires contemplation and attention, much fewer people tend to participate. With less people participating, however, your chances to win go way up and the odds monster is whittled down to a more manageable size – if, that is, you have the skill that it takes. The good news is that often even a half-baked entry shows up as the winner because of how few people decided to participate. If all you can muster for one of these is a lame entry, don’t be shy. Go ahead and enter it anyway and you may be surprised that because the room was so small, you were the smartest person in it.

Some competitions require that you purchase a product to enter. Falling somewhere between the random chance competitions and the games of skill, these competitions often have a medium-sized pool of contestants because they take some effort to enter. Many times the product purchase required to enter the competition is of a brand that is not well known or much desired.

You’ve probably heard about someone who has made it big by winning a competition. Perhaps you even know someone who actually makes a living off competitions. You might win big on your first try or you might only ever win small prizes. Whatever happens, competitions are a fun, inexpensive hobby even if you never win anything. And who knows, you just might strike gold.

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